Collision of ideas


You could not predict the power of orchestral music. It is breathtaking, passionate, rich and diverse. It is full of imagination and will take you into the dream. 
It is about to open a whole new world of music.

Shadow of the Wolf

This work was included in the New York Philharmonic's collection of “Very Young Composer” program. 
Premiered by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in Lincoln Center, performed by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in Shanghai Symphony Orchestra concert hall in Asia. 

Year: 2014 
Duration: 3’00”
Instrumentation: For Orchestra (3/2/2/2, 4/3/2/1, Timp,4 Perc, Str) 
Program Notes: 

Wolves are unruly but united. Wolves are proud and aloof. 
There are three sections: 

  • Wolves are fierce, like a wild wind.
  • Wolves are howling in the moonlight.
  • Wolves are crying fiercely and chasing like lightning.


Elegant Cloud

This work was premiered by the MSM Philharmonic Orchestra in New York. 

Year: 2022 
Duration: 8’00”
Instrumentation: For Orchestra 2(1.2/Picc) 222, 4331, Timp, 3 Perc, 1Hp, Str 
Program Notes: 

Clouds, which follow air currents in a fluid form, are mixtures of floating visible polymers, shaped by the structure of temperature, humidity, height and wind in the atmosphere. 

Elegant Cloud reveals these changing masses expressing different moods. The rippling clouds are like water blown by the wind, the linear texture is like small ripples in the shape of silk strips, and the scattered dots of material are like occasional flashes of light in the clouds. The combination of the two is like a striped curtain of clouds rippling round and round. The clouds in the sky move fast or slow, using short, powerful rhythmic patterns that contrast with long, static notes. These two elements tug, contradict, and talk to each other via different instruments and speeds, so that cloud layers and cloud groups are constantly growing and struggling with these different dynamics. Thick and huge clouds spread throughout the sky and develop vertically, filling physical space. The whole orchestra reflects this thickness in sound, achieving longitudinal and latitudinal richness, a silky luster within an extremely oppressive form. The vertical and horizontal interspersed texture produces a large amount of unstable energy, creating a huge impactful force, like a myriad of emotions constantly overlapping, dedicated, and surging. 

After expressing this intensity, returning to my senses, I depict the clouds as soft feathers and uncontrollable gauzes, randomly gathering and dispersing timbres, which resemble the brightness and darkness of clouds, flickering and ringing lightly, in freedom.

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